Andrea Baronchelli

Professor of Complexity Science at City, University of London,

Token Economy theme lead at The Alan Turing Institute,

Research Associate at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies.

I investigate the dynamics of decentralised socio-technical systems using concepts and tools from the physics of complex systems, network science and data science.

Topics I research include the emergence and dynamics of social norms and shared category systems, tipping points in collective behaviour, polarisation in social networks, blockchain & crypto ecosystems, and human mobility.

My work has has been supported by public and private institutions (UKRI, ESRC, InnovateUK, UK Govt., PayPal, etc). In 2019, I received the Young Scientist Award for Socio and Econophysics from the German Physical Society.

Besides academia, I regularly help start-ups and companies in the blockchain/crypto space improve their products by assessing, and anticipating, the behaviour of the communities they aim to reach.

The physics of socio-technical systems

A fancy video by City on some aspects of my recent research (May '22)

Mapping the NFT revolution

The paper Mapping the NFT revolution: market trends, trade networks, and visual features (Oct '21) presented the first comprehensive analysis of the NFT phenomenon.

Critical mass and tipping points in social convention

I have been researching the dynamics of norm formation and collective behaviour change for more than 15 years.

IC2S2'20 Keynote talk

Collective Dynamics of Dark Web Marketplaces

Together with academic and industrial partner we analyse and model licit and illicit trade networks

ACM Collective Intelligence '20

Selected publications:

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